Spring 2015 Meeting Presentations 

FLAAPM Spring 2015 Agenda

Joint - Friday

AAPM Perspectives from the National Level - Bruce Curran

The ABR MOC Process - Donald Frey

Therapy - Friday

Electronic Brachytherapy - Zoubir Ouhib

APEx - Yan Yu

TG-100 Overview - Jatinder Palta

Diagnostic - Friday

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Quality Control - Joe Howley

Update on ACR Digital Mammography QC  Manual - Priscilla Butler

Joint - Student Presentations

S. Enright - Multi-Fold Radiation Therapy (MFRT)

J. Oliver - Impact of Noise on Radiomics Features Extracted from 3D &
4D CT Images of Lung Cancer

N. Moshiri -  A dosimetric comparison of IMRT vs VMAT optimization in
early stage whole breast cancer

S. OReilly - Monte Carlo Dosimetry for IMRT and Proton Therapy

S. Long - Variations of Pericardium Dose at Different Respiratory Status

B. Barraclough - A Novel and Practical Convolution-Based Approach to
Address the Volume Averaging Effect

M. Hermansen - Intensity-Modulated Radiosurgery Treatments Derived from
Sphere Packing Treatment Plans

V. Kathriarachchi - Will CyberKnife M6 Multileaf collimator offer
advantages over IRIS collimator in prostate SBRT

G. Penoncello - Skin Dose Differences Between IMRT VMAT and Boost
Integrated treatment regimens 

C. Curley - Comparison of Monte Carlo and Pencil Beam Calculations for SBRT
Lung Using Q.A. Test with Various Phantoms

B.C. Schwarz - Alpha Particle, Beta Particle Depth Dependence

M. Sands - Hybrid Computational Canine Phantom Series to Support
Preclinical Dosimetry for Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals

Joint - Saturday

ACR - Image Gently & Image Gently - Priscilla Butler

The Changing Regulatory Environment - Lynn Fairobent

Medical Event Reporting - Scott Dube

HIV/AIDS - Mary Bowman









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